Effortlessly Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hair Pieces

Not a single pair of eyes may stop staring at the elegant bride and groom in a wedding. But do we have to miss the chance of enjoying the beauty of bridesmaid? No, you surely do not have to. Bridesmaid deserves to be admired too, and that makes you need to embellish your bridesmaid with a pack of beautiful yet simple hair pieces.

bridesmaid hair pieces

Without dragging the guests’ eyes from the bride, we can make your bridesmaid to be the second most beautiful woman in your wedding with a list of hair pieces to beautify her look. More surprisingly, you would not need to spend much time to work on it.

Reminders Before Picking up Bridesmaid Hair Pieces

Principally, choosing the right hair pieces for your bridesmaid urges you to consider the length and model of your bridesmaid’s hair. Those two aspects would help you find the most attractive hair accessory that would not look too much for a bridesmaid.

headband for bridesmaid

Additionally, to look beautiful does not necessarily mean putting on every accessory you find on your hair. Even a simple yet beautiful clip can spread the magnificence of a bridesmaid. A quick hairdo work is possibly successful if you can manage to find the right hair accessories to put on.

Simply and Quickly Arranged Bridesmaid Hair Pieces

A broad range of options are available. Hair clips, headband, bobby pins, and flowers are what you can find easily attached on bridesmaid’s hair. Those are truly effortlessly attractive. Completed with various kinds of braids and chignon to style the hair, your bridesmaid will be so stunningly incredible.

simple bridesmaid hair pieces

For those with long hair, you have more options to style your hair. If you prefer to let the hair down, you can have front section of your hair braided and anchored at the back part of the hair. Use a flower hair pin which color matches with the dress.

French braid

Moreover, a simple French braid can also be included into your list. Embellished with several decorative pins, the French braid is looking so nice. That French braid can also be continued to make a chignon just by simply rolling it up and twisting it. Attach a hair pin onto it to strengthen the structure.

Do not lose hope of looking gorgeous for those bridesmaid with short hair or even pixie-cut. Even a simple bronze headband will effortlessly make you incredibly beautiful. Do not forget to style the hair with pomade before putting on the headband.