Bridesmaid Hair Accessories For Short to Long Hair

There is another person besides the bride that deserves your admiration for her beauty. Yes, the bridesmaid. She is probably not as significant as the bride herself in a wedding ceremony you attend, but without a bridesmaid, the bride possibly feel incomplete as well as the guests themselves.

For that significance, a bridesmaid must be dressed up and embellished perfectly well. The dress she wears and the accessories she adds to her look must all be in harmony. In that case, we are going to get you some tips and information about picking up the right hair accessories for bridesmaids, because they truly deserve a beautiful crown for themselves too.

Bridesmaid Hair Accessories for Short Hair

Short hair may not be an easy hairstyle to embellish for some special events, but it does not make it look less beautiful than others. Even bridesmaids with pixie-cut can startle the guests by adding something on their hair.

Bridesmaid Hair Accessories for Short Hair

hair accessories for bridesmaids

For bridesmaids with pixie-cut can simply put a thin metallic headband at the top part of the head. There are various options of headbands you can pick up; from those with flowers and a simple bending bronze. They are all beautiful as long as you can get the one which suits your hair perfectly.

Bridesmaid Hair Accessories for Medium to Long Hair

Medium and Long hair is considered to be more easily modeled. There are a lot of options of hairdo you can do to this length of hair, particularly for a bridesmaid. From braided to chignon, they are all pretty to try. They will be so much more complete once you give a little touch of jewelries and accessories on top of them.

bridesmaid hair accessories for medium to long hair

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The benefits of having braided hair is that you can effortlessly make the hairstyle look so much different. A French braid is a pretty good option for a bridesmaid, but just have it for the ¾ of the whole hair. To complete it, a diamond or flower hair pin is perfect. But that is not for strengthening the braid. You still need to have some bobby pins to do the job.

hair pin bridesmaid accessories

Moreover, a chignon cannot be crossed out from your list. You may have a simple chignon or chignon combined with French braid. But, the hairdo would not be complete until you add a apiece of flower hair pin or even a tiara. Concord clips can also be a great option if you prefer to have a bigger hair accessory.