Amazing Wedding Accessories to Flatter Your Bridal Gown

Remember this: your wedding accessories are to flatter you, thus complementing your look for a flawless impression on your big day. With so many options available for wedding accessories for bride, including the gorgeous wedding accessories for hair, you have the seemingly endless possibilities on how to mix and match the accessories with your wedding gown, make-up, and hairdo. Here are some tips to accessorize your bridal dress.

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Wearing Wedding Accessories with Your Dress

If the wedding accessories are made of metal, remember that some metals look more stunning when they’re matched with certain color on the dress. For example, gold matches ivory to highlight the fabric’s creamy tint. And silver or platinum makes a great choice for a pure white gown—a little pearl detailing will also do. Avoid gold when wearing pure white wedding gown for it will clash the brighter hues. For a dress already detailed with beadwork, let it determine the colors of the bridal accessories.

Wearing all the wedding accessories often wear by a bride isn’t the only option you have. See if your gown is already embellished generously or not; wearing a heavily embellished gown with a veil, earrings, tiara, a sash, and necklace may end up looking over the top. Again, remember that the accessories are to flatter your wedding look. When it is best to look less, then go for it. For example, wear a pair of drop earrings when your gown features an ornate neckline instead of wearing a necklace which may end up looking busy.

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When you go for a wedding veil as your choice of wedding accessories, you need to keep some important things in mind. First, your veil should match the exact shade of the gown—no color blocking. When choosing a veil style, be mindful and pay attention to your wedding dress. For instance, you’ll prefer a simpler veil when your dress is ornate heavily. Last but not least, mind the size of the veil. Long wedding veil isn’t your only option, since there are shorter styles such as bandeau or birdcage.

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Mind your comfort too. Bridal shoes are also part of the important wedding accessories you should consider. Do not only mind the look of the pair to flaunt your dress since you’ll be standing for hours during the big day. Plus, you’ll be walking and dancing too. Consider the height of the heel when shopping, the material, and the type of straps as you’re shopping for wedding shoes.